Technical Activities:
Acoustical Society of America
North Carolina Chapter ASA

  Secretary 2017-19
Institute of Noise Control Engineering

Audio Engineering Society


BE ME University of Pune, India
MSME North Carolina State University
Graduate Specialization in Acoustics and Noise Control


Siddharth A. Mahajan, MSME
Analyst        (Printable Version)


Siddharth obtained his Masters in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in acoustics at North Carolina State University. He interned with Stewart Acoustical Consultants for 13 months before joining us full-time in the summer of 2017. His fascination for acoustics grew from his appreciation of sound and its properties as a musician, which is a common thread amongst many acousticians.

 During his undergraduate studies, Sidd worked on designing vibration isolation mounts for an off-road vehicle for his senior design project. He has experience in the field of biomedical ultrasound as part of his Masterís thesis. He discovered the field of Architectural Acoustics as part of an acoustics course at NC State and developed an appreciation for conducting auralization where listeners could experience the acoustic changes to a physical space subjectively. He performed EASE analysis and developed auralization for the Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral as part of his internship. Since joining us full-time he has participated in many field studies and become proficient in conducting field sound isolation tests by ASTM standards. He has demonstrated an unusually strong ability to quickly learn and contribute to our projects.