University Research and Academic Programs in Acoustics


University of Hartford 

Penn State Graduate Program in Acoustics  Center for Acoustics & Vibration

Sparrow Animations  Lamancusa Noise Control Class

Acoustics & Vibrations Animations

 Duke University - Physics & Music 

Virginia Tech - Vibration and Acoustics Laboratory

 Auditory Systems Lab

East Carolina University - Physics   Engineering Teresa Ryan

Georgia Tech -  Acoustics/Dynamics  

Peabody-Johns Hopkins  Recording Arts and Sciences

Kettering University Acoustics Lab

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Architectural Acoustics

Purdue University  Herrick Laboratories

University of Kentucky Vibro-acoustics Consortium

Boston University Acoustics

University of Texas

Auburn University

University of Mississippi Nat. Center for Physical Acoustics

Brigham Young University Acoustics


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