We believe in a strong and well-defined client-consultant relationship.  Everyone should clearly understand the one party we are working for and who is responsible for our payment.  Confusion can arise when a project involves many professionals, an owner, contractors, regulators, and interested other parties affected by the project.  In various circumstances we might work for any of these parties.  However, on any given project, we believe it important that we work for one and only one party.  Otherwise, conflicts of interest can arise.

We most commonly do work for architects on architectural projects and this usually works very well.   We always consider the best interest of the owner and users in our recommendations.  However, all projects involve some compromises.  Owners who want strong control over the acoustical performance of their projects are advised to consider hiring us directly rather than letting us work for a designer.  Owners should realize that when we work for a designer, we do not have any authority or control over the design, except to the extent our client takes our advice.

Owners and designers must clearly realize that working for the designer really means doing that in all respects.  Though the designer may be reimbursed by the owner for our expense, we consider the designer client fully responsible for our timely payment.