Noral Stewart, PhD

Principal Consultant









Our staff of professional acousticians all have strong academic training plus over 60 years of combined experience in acoustics and noise control to tackle projects in a practical manner.  Acoustics and noise control are our first interest and priority full time, not a secondary capability that we know a little about. 

We are especially knowledgeable of people, environment, traditional industries and building practices in our primary service region, North and South Carolina, southern Virginia, and eastern Tennessee. We believe this regional knowledge and our location near our clients is a major advantage.  However, in recent years as much as 30% of our work has been outside this region.

Our active participation in technical, professional, and standards organizations provides contacts and current technical knowledge of developments in our field.

We are general practitioners serving the primary needs of the region. When appropriate, we can subcontract specialists or other firms to assist with projects. If a project should be under the direction of a specialist, we can refer you to appropriate firms and people.

In addition to Dr. Stewart and our full time staff of 3 trained acousticians, we have several affiliated consultants who work with us, including Fred Schafer, John Stewart, Mathew George, and Richard Honeycutt and Howard Quin.









Joe Bridger, MSME
Associate Principal
Principal Consultant



Chris Eaton, MSME
Senior Consultant




John Gagliardi, PhD
Senior Consultant