Value Engineering

Value Engineering is a very useful process of reviewing a design to assure that maximum value is achieved for the funds expended.  Often small changes can be made that significantly reduce cost without significantly affecting the project value and performance.  Unfortunately, the term "value engineering" is often used for a process that results in "value extraction." 

The staff of Stewart Acoustical Consultants has participated as a member of some very successful value engineering efforts and encourages such.  However, the success of a value engineering effort depends on having qualified team members in all disciplines, including acoustics, to assure that the value introduced by good acoustical advice is not destroyed.  We have seen several cases where value engineering teams that did not have acoustical expertise have destroyed much of the work we have done to provide a functional building.  The process is successful only if the value is preserved.

We look forward to assisting clients with value engineering reviews of projects.  We also encourage review of our projects by value engineering teams that include competent acoustical consultants.  If you plan a value engineering review of our work, please let us review the results and comment on them.